Tuesday 24 July 2012

The Wonders of Big Sisters

Big One ( or should that be Biggest One?) has been ever so helpful this morning. DH has gone out for some me time, leaving me, Big One and Baby home alone for the morning. Big One has kept an eye and a cuddle ready for Baby, letting me have a shower, cook us breakfast (second breakfast for some!) put the nappy wash on and let him fall asleep on her before she got to eat her second breakfast. Multitasking big sis!
We're going to try out the pushchair later, at her request. He's only been in slings so far, apart from 3 van trips in the car seat. I'm not quite ready for her to sling him- yet!

Little Big Sis can't be left out- she needs at least twice daily cuddles with him, helping with nappy changes and always a loving pair of arms waiting for him. Couldn't be more loved xxx


  1. Congratulations! Welcome little one. Looks like big sister is doing a fab job!
    (you know this already I'm sure, but please be careful about your positioning in the pouch, he's too deep in that pocket, and it's too easy to get him into a chin to chest position. Try putting a rolled up towel under him to lift him out.You should be able to get two fingers between his chin and chest and be able to see his face at all times...hope I'm not stating the obvious or offending with my comments.)

  2. No offence taken Jeanette! I recall debating whether to include that pic, or to put a paragraph explaining this is how NOT to use a pouch sling and what to do to improve positioning- and figured my blog isn't a heavy traffic area so I would think about it later- and haven't.
    Thank you for doing it for me :-)