Monday 27 May 2013

May 2013 in photos

 Lots of photos of the boy eating, no idea why!
 Our local historic monument in All Souls Church. They've started opening it to the public on Saturday afternoons, and it has some beautiful features. Its crumbling in places, but I loved the fantastic tiles on the floor, and the stonework on the pulpit.

 He's such a happy boy.

 Juggling a baby and a roast chicken....
 Another dress finished

 The two dresses together at last!

 Investigating fleecy sleepsuits for camping. Completely too hot for him (he was cozy in my sleeping bag) but maybe for snowy camping...
 Woodchips are just what he likes to chew best. Or is it there are always a load around him?
 Sourdough bread rises much quicker in this warm weather. I guess our house is cold compared to some (but very hot compared to others!).
 Camping. He seemed to have a great time with everything happening at his level.
 He seemed drawn to the lump hammer. He kept finding it somehow (thankfully no injuries!)
He didn't mind if it was clean or dirty washing up that he rearranged...
 Driving his first car at Pigeon Farm near Peterborough, a fantastic campsite/place to visit.
 Jar lids are the BEST baby toy in the world. Seriously.
 Pigeons Farm had things for bigger kids too.

 The tent is still going strong
 I like the idea (meant to be bird boxes) but think you need to be picky about the teapot (size of lid hole)
 I've been asked how we keep smalls off the stove. This is a radiator guard with two carribiners holding the two halves together. It actually has been great when we didn't have  tinies as its a perfect drying rack for soggy clothes and towels, and can help hold wet coats with a few poles added.
 Picking salad. 

 Rainbow has done a first for all our kids- can crawl under the van from one side to the other. I admit I did panic slightly, but he was fine. Just bumped his head a little!
 Washing up is VERY interesting.
 Extremely interesting
 Peterborough services on the A1 has quite a nice play area. We managed to stop there twice on our holiday!
 We got a fridge. You know, the kind with shelves and everything. For the last two years our fridge has been great (coolbox size and shape) but I rearranged the furniture so we were ready for a change. Wow. Shelves. you can SEE things. You can have more than one portion of meat in the fridge at a time. House living is sooo luxurious at times! Anyway, it came with a box which has almost been as heavily used as the fridge.
 We visited friends while we were away, who introduced us to the wonders of Lush bath products. Only, in Kent its hard water and its much softer water up here. So, even more bubbles! This was part of the aftermath ( I didn't get to see the bathroom full of bubbles, but I wish I had!).

 Sad FLower needed a ride, so I slung them both to the park. I don't think that'll happen again, but it was lovely snuggles, and peek a boo going on around me.
 He looks so big when awake, but when asleep he's still just a baby after all.

DH is all set to teach people to carve spoons. He ran a practice course for a select few yesterday, and it seems to have gone well. No injuries and positive feedback so far. Flyers in production for the paying version next month!

April 2013 in photos

Time has just been flying by. I can't quite believe how many photos I hadn't gone through, so here's just one month of pictures, and I'll do May in another post.
Playing together

 We have got into making our own chocolate hobnobs. The recipe is here , and smalls really like galaxy chocolate melted on top. My preference is dark chocolate, but we are feeding the masses here.
The boy likes meat. 

 Fabric painting bunting for a friend.
 Daddy doing a rare back carry. This is a Kozy sling- we got it new when Flower was small, and for a long time was DHs favourite sling. Still not quite ready to part with it, but I guess it won't be long before it needs a new home.
 There are ducklings in York. We park about a 10 minute walk from the city centre and enjoy walking in along the river. We found the ducklings there.
 Rainbow has started playing out.
 Flower likes cameras- a self portrait!we found a working camera at a car boot sale so the girls can be click happy again.
 The hand blender was fascinating.
A birthday Zoo Trip with friends. 

He's obviously happy, but you can't see big sisters proud grin. She loves wearing her brother.