Sunday 20 April 2014

Happy Easter

Its been cold and wet and even a thunder storm, and still a very enjoyable day.
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Thursday 17 April 2014

Extended Family

Apologies for the pics, our newest family members haven't posed well.
We have a short term home for them, water and food containers ( and food), so looking forward to settling them in when we return to Devon. these ladies are point of lay hens, and one is already laying- very happy us.
Our friend Matt of Lower Shaw Farm has been advising us, and has given the children their first hens, which the girls were able to choose. We are all very excited about it all.
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Tuesday 15 April 2014

Move House, Go On Holiday.

To our favourite farm. We have very happy big and small people.
There are eggs about to hatch, baby lambs to bottle feed, and big sheep and pigs to feed and help move.
The children and I were WWOOFing at the weekend, while dh ran a weekend course spoon carving, and we are all WWOOFing this week. Though there seems to be quite a bit of playing happening as well. We all helped by joining in the health walk, and I had the huge pleasure of joining in a Pilate's class in the Hayloft.

We are learning as much as possible about chickens from the resident expert- we hope to get started with our own ASAP!
but its time to move the sheep before breakfast.....

Sunday 6 April 2014

Saying Goodbye

I suspect quite a few of our friends and family are feeling a bit unloved at the moment. We said we were moving, disappeared in a whirl of packing and unpacking and decorating and working, and never got around to saying goodbye.
We don't mean it that way at all. The very few goodbyes we have said have been horribly hard. We have rather selfishly been grateful of the distraction of all the work we had to do (and completely underestimating the time required when a toddler is around) so we haven't had time to think about what and who we are leaving behind. We are sad we can't ship all the nice folk with us. But we noticed how much warmer the wind was this morning.
We would like to remind you lot that we are in a lovely place for holidays :-)
and we hope you can drop by sometime.

a walk

Rainbow and I went for a little walk, off the farm for once. we just walked on the lane a hit, and its amazing that this is our home.
Today has had an inpromptu funeral for a decomposing fox ( complete with an entire ecosystem to see) and finding the sea.

Tomorrow has my induction day for my new job, and NOT getting a lift to work. Exciting stuff!