Our Plan 2012

Well, we had a wonderful journey in 2011 and learned a lot, not only about growing but also about ourselves.
We spent last winter living in a (big) touring caravan, but I learned that isn't the life for me, not the least in early pregnancy and hyperemesis. My pregnancy continued with further challenges (I'm afraid I don't recommend third pregnancies, it was much worse than the other two I've done) and we had to give our tenants notice so I could settle down and prepare for the baby with solid walls around.
The pregnancy made moving back to our terrace house a positive thing- I couldn't imagine the circumstances where moving back would be good, but ill and pregnant did the job and we're on the spot for when we're ready to market the house to sell.
We know we want more living space, garden space, not a caravan....but we still haven't got a fixed idea of our next location. We've also learned, as the girls have grown how much fun they have playing out with local children- so the idyll in the middle of nowhere would mean us transporting kids about too much. We've revised that idea to a house with a garden with neighbours...
Bump has turned into baby, and we're getting to grips with our changed family life, but when we're ready the house goes on the market ready for the next idea, whatever that may be.

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  1. I too have found this third pregnancy a lot tougher than my 2 girls......must be a boy thing....just before we found out we were having him we discovered we had to move as the land lady was selling the house and had planned to travel or camp out in the woods somewhere.....glad we didn't now. Definitely have to think about the girls when looking at houses etc. Had planned on an isolated cabin/ hobbit house somewhere but the girls do like being able to visit friends so also have to look closer to home.Hope you find what you are looking for.