Friday 18 June 2010

More Makings

I'm got so carried away with putting everything on, and I forgot the shorts. So easy to make (yeah, right!) shorts. the first pair took a week of unpicking - with bursts of sewing them together wrong in between- to get back to where I left off in class the week before! Thankfully there was much less unpicking with the second pair, but I've definately found them trickier to figure out than the dresses. These do have pockets though, and once I got them together correctly they do look rather tidy, if I do say so myself. I had to adapt the pocket shape as the size of it was for adults I think- K gave me feedback for how she would like it though.
Both girls kindly agreed to wear them ( J taking a lot of persuasion!)- K's have had much more wear already.

Mum- in -law gave me some  fabric K loves to make a dress for K weeks ago, but I only got going with it last week. I had forgotten how to put binding on the raw edges, so had to ask in class on Wednesday how to do it, and Angela showed me how to make a button loop at the same time.

My hand sewing needs some work, but that won't show when the button is fastened.
I've been pestered to get this finished so now I've stayed up far too late 'just doing a quick hem' and remembering how to get pics off the cameras and onto here...but been to a lovely pre wedding meal ( aka Hen Night) tonight as well!

Sunday 13 June 2010

Well, I'm off to a slow start here, mainly from not getting around to figuring out how to get pictures up on here. Or even off the camera! That's generally DH's department- so I've even had to ask him how to do something . I'm sure that's why its taken me over a month to get around to it, I've enough of him knowing he's right normally, without giving him an extra oppertunity!
I've not got far with my woodwork, but from my previous post- now replete with images! I have finished and oiled my wooden cup (I'm told its a kuksa), and finally found the chisels to try to level off my bowlhorse. The weather is getting to it and I reckon I need to get a move on unless I want to make another in the near future-a bit too much of a challenge without a workshop or wide selection of tools as yet, or wood!
I have been busy with the sewing machine though.
I made some curtains for the house we're selling- much quicker than trying to figure out wardrobe doors.

Nothing vaguely complicated, but I was pleased to have a functional practice at straight ( ish!) hems.
K's dress went very well, so I made one for J too- with a picture at the cutting out stage- then I forgot until it was finished.

with a close up of the detail. K helped choose the buttons.

Not my work at all, but my Dad very kindly made a washing up stand for the girls from some worktop given to us by neighbours who got a new kitchen.
I haven't yet made the nappy covers I was thinking of, mainly due to J's not getting regular use these days. So, eventually I had the idea of making a waterproof seat pad- for in her carseat or pushchair so we don't keep insisting on nappies for certain places ( and then having a struggle to get J out of it!). The first one made with advice on design from Angela ,the teacher in my sewing class ( what an amazing lady, having the patience to teach us all!) and the second with a slight refinement.  Fluffy side up with PUL as the waterproof lower side. Made the perfect size to stuff with the nappy pads we've had on the go for the last 4.5 yrs.
I had to get the second made very quickly- sigh- J had something K didn't have. Of course.
I hope to get a few more made, but still have dreams of an ordinary cushion cover so I get to snuggle this very sunggly fleece!

Well, i've thought of one good reason to have this blog.Writing about what I've been up to the last month or so- as well as being ill for a few weeks, and work,and doing a car boot sale, and trying to get a house ready to sell, and keep up with the allotment- its no wonder I get tired out!

starting out

I decided to start a blog because the last couple of months have involved me learning to make 'Things'!
It all started out with a bowl carving course, where I carved my first two bowls.

Since then I've worked with Raph ( who I met on the course) to learn to make a 'Bowlmate' carving horse,

and I'm still working on my first cup and bowl carved at home.

Prompted by enjoying making 'something' so much, I've signed up for a sewing machine course. It took me three classes to make this bag (well, one of those was learning how to set up a machine), and then one short evening to make one without help.

I've moved up a gear with attempting a dress for K, for which Wendy gave up her Saturday to teach me step by step.

I've also spent an evening having a go at making a fleece nappy wrap for J.

I have some fabulously snuggly fleece I planned to do this with, but as its sooo snuggly I'm going to have to learn to make a cushion cover so we can all snuggle it as well.
I'm hoping to keep doing and making, and hopefully figure out how to get the photos on here so I can see my progress. I'm having so much fun doing this, but also realising I don't often get to actually show anyone what I've been up to, so hopefully I can share this way.