Thursday 13 December 2012

My Wooden Bowl (edited to add fluffy socks)

This is Ash, one DH felled earlier in the year. We left it to mellow too long (well, I did have a baby) and then I took too long carving it. Unfortunately the odd hour carving time a week just isn't enough to stop it drying out too much. I'm happy with the general shape of the inside, but I am dissapointed enough with the finish to be considering sandpaper. But, as I'd have to buy some in, this'll have to do. It also isn't a great peice of wood to start with- the dead knot in the base will provide drainage (though I hope to try superglue on it before it falls out completely).
Hmm, can you tell i wish I could do a better job? I really enjoyed the process, but I won't be trying a decent sized bowl like this again until I have the time to do it justice.

I finished Rainbows socks (mochi plus yarn if you're interested- a bit fluffy but cosy)- with fleegle heel, judy's magic cast on and Jeny's simple cast off I feel I need to thank a cast of hundreds for the pattern invention and technique teaching (thank you youtube!). I intend to add links when Rainbow isn't shouting...
I think they go well with the bowl!


Wednesday 5 December 2012

Going around the bend

in a sock. I'm very much a rubbish knitter ( had to look up how to do a knit stitch last night, after doing a bit of purling) but i'm nearly finished my first sock. The previous attempt turned into a rather nice purse ( I thought it was a bag but my 7 yr old has put me right). I've spent much of my 'unable to move' time looking at youtube trying to figure out how to turn a heel on my made up pattern sock. I started with a pattern- I'm not that brave- but although I laughed at the 'Two hour' bit of the 'Two hour Toe up baby socks', I thought I'd sussed the guage until I started knitting a doll size sock. It would never have fit Rainbow!
Anyway, I restarted (a few times) learned Judy's magic Cast-on - repetition does help me learn. I got along to the heel and realise I was stumped.I've read a few other patterns, but the heel was just completely confusing. Then I googled Fleegle's heel and all became clear. Last night I didn't dare stop half way though, and I've got around the bend. I'm no sock expert, but it looks better than I hoped!

And something that we did yesterday morning...
Christmas Tree decorations made from buttons, and fimo beads we made aaaaages ago :)
The peppermint sugar mice  (also yesterday) are fab too, but I can't seem to get the pic I sent to facebook for some reason.
I've had some time on my bowl the other day as well- what a crafty time! No idea how its happened but I'm enjoying it while I can. Rainbow calls....

Sunday 2 December 2012

A month in our lives

no cook fudge and home made marshmallow- delicious!

Playing in his sisters room

ah, headphones. We wonder if they work as ear defenders as they don't work as headphones. But what a cutey!

Don't do this at home! Really, really dangerous use of a bumbo. We eat tea around him

Its hard work entertaining baby
He wasn't overly impressed but at least wasn't crying

Big sister really got him to sleep in the sling!

making Christmas cards

his intelligent look

I really, really like this photo.

It isn't a sock. It started out heading that way, but it isn't. Its a birthday present though!
So, no pictures of trips to Manchester and Leeds by public transport (the journey was much more important than the destination for little people- we have to work on enjoying that!) and exploring Manchester museum and Leeds Art Gallery, and the Christmas market. We were impressed by a Craft Fair at Victoria Hall in Saltaire last month- many, many good quality stalls, absolutely heaving with customers- we couldn't help buy a few things.Somehow we've missed photographing our Christmas Tree- its old news now its been up nearly a month!
We occasionally do 'recognisable learning' - stuff  'other people' might consider learning, but more autonomous educators might consider a bit formal. Though, if its the kids choice, not coersive perhaps its not too 'out there'. We have workbooks they sometimes like, but Flower enjoys those more than Princess atm. We've recently discovered Princess is really enjoying this.
We've been keeping Royal Mail in business with internet shopping- our trips into the metropolises have put me off city shopping forever I think. I'm glad it wasn't the weekend- a weekday was bad enough.
Rainbow  continues to grow- he's over 18 lbs now - he's 4 and a half months. Princess didn't weigh this much until she was over 8 months. Thats the difference between one child just under 50th centile, and one well over! He's getting very nosy, his sisters activities distract him already, he is starting to reach for things, including something in his nappy, sigh.
What else are we up to? um err....
We're slowly packing up excess belongings, working up to getting the house up for sale yet again- hopefully by spring.. It seems to take so long to just get a little done amongst the food prep, eating, washing, cleaning, playing of everyday life. We've fit in a few home ed meets,trips to parks, an activity club Princess is enjoying (from music to slacklining and loads in between) and a shared meal with friends, lots of painting, dressing up and face paint as well.
My parents are still not part of our lives- we didn't envisage the disagreement back in January would become long term. However, if we ever do manage to resolve things then our relationship should be stronger for it. I guess its something we've been turning a blind eye to for many years, and now we've stopped.
Everything else feels like things we're not doing- not getting carving time (my poor bowl is dry and unfinished), not getting out and about quite as much as we'd like, but keeping busy all the same.