Wednesday 19 February 2014


I've been quiet here, trying to decide what to say. I enjoy blogging, but not everyone wishes us well in our endeavours, so I've been a bit quiet trying to decide what to share, and when.
Back in November we suddenly had a great opportunity pointed out to us, so we spent some time in December seeing if we really wanted it, and since then there's been paperwork and emails back and forth trying to make it a reality.
It looks like its worked, so we are really excited to be moving soon. And frantically packing. Despite the travelling a couple years ago, we seem to have done very well in accumulating more stuff!
The move means more space for playing out ( as in acres rather than square feet), neighbours with children who we are looking forward to getting to know, a huge kitchen (!). Space for carving outside, hopefully raised beds and polytunnels for more growing, chickens and maybe more.
For work it seems a lovely department, pleasant people,nice machines (which always helps), and training opportunities I hadn't realised I wanted, and now I'm really looking forward to. The commute and the hours are longer than I'm used to, so I'm really hoping I'm up to it, but the only real stress I have about once we are there is parking the van. I can see us becoming a 2 vehicle family again.
So, big changes underway. Very exciting, and very scary to move far away from friends and family.
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