Thursday 10 November 2011

Birthday Girl

Big Ones choice for her birthday 'cake'.
A very special day, and even more special as a new little girl has today as her birthday- welcome baby Heather! And happy birthday grown up Rach as well!

Saturday 5 November 2011

More patchwork


Only a couple of pics at a time- some of mum-in-laws quilts on display this weekend.

Textile exhibition

Great grandma is blind now, but some of her amazing hand embroidery is part of the display in Crosshills.

Friday 4 November 2011

We have a pitch!

Today our caravan moved to a brand new pitch, and we have learned to put up the awning, albeit with half marked poles, 1 broken joint and incomplete instructions. It didn't rain much, and with only a fair amount of grumpiness (we needed lunch, not crisps) and we had it figured out within 3 hrs. We didn't finish until after dark though, so no final pic as my phone doesn't flash.
We're really happy about the living space we'll have, so just another week of getting moved in.
We had a quick trip to collect our Suma order this morning-we've not been for about 7 months but its such an interesting place to call into-the folk we meet seem happy in their work,helpful, and we get good,mostly organic, wholesale priced food. Fab!

This weekend DHs parents are running a textiles exhibition and sale, so we'll be busy hopefully helping, and I intend to buy loads of raffle tickets as the patchwork quilt Mum-in-law has designed and made is stunning!

Next week has a birthday in it, so time not at work must be spent planning and preparing, and a few trips out and about are planned.
I'm not entirely sure when we'll be properly moving, but its getting exciting seeing we've got somewhere real to go to!