Sunday 30 October 2011

Just another Busy Day

I've not have much to say here for a week or two, but life's been going apace as usual. My parents have returned from their holiday, we've been madly tidying up before they returned, and fit in a day of learning with Robin Wood to properly sharpen my carving knives with DH.
We have bought our home-to-be, a very lovely (and huge) caravan. We're just waiting for the pitch to be finished at the campsite, and hopefully that will be this week.
I'm spending most of my week working for a living, which is still enjoyable, and the novelty of getting paid happened last week- a very nice experience!
We had a trip to Leeds City Museum, which was so interesting Big One wants to return for her birthday treat- even more than she wants to go to yoga. There is a yoga class starting up, with the first one on her birthday which was just what she wanted to do- until recently. We'll see how things settle down before making a definate re-organisation I think.
We've been to the Square Chapel today, which prompted the girls to repeat the performance when we got home for their grandparents. They did all right- for the first 2 minutes, anyway!
We're planning to help at a Craft Exhibition at St Peters, Crosshills (near Skipton) this weekend- and, somehow, start to move into the caravan. Fingers crossed it all magically comes together!

The bits I forgot

I was rushing with my last post, can you tell?
We've also managed to catch up with friends who are dear but rarely near these days (Pizza Hut has its uses!), and I've been unsuccessfully attempting to crochet a shawl. I've gone back to the start yet again, and I'm on my third pattern. I'm trying to crochet- the knitted ones don't appeal the same way, but I think using laceweight yarn is just proving very tricky for me, let alone following a pattern. I think I'll try one more week, and then go back to small projects. I've not got the patience for big things either!
A quick snap of the family with 'Cara'. Her previous family named her, and the girls love the name, as well as the bunks!

Sunday 16 October 2011

Last photo

From our walk on Saturday.

Pics from a walk

We spotted fungi and a Little One up a tree...but my phone only lets me attach a couple of pics, that's why I'm serial posting.

Forest school

The girls loved getting elderberries to make paint, and then painting flags for bunting!Big One's photo has got lost though :-(
On our walk on Saturday we found a cave...

Busy weekend

Yesterday we managed to find a 'new to us' little patch of south-facing woodland to explore.
Today has been busier in the kitchen- 4 loaves sourdough bread,4.5 jars apple pickle and 11 jars apple butter.
This afternoon we got to the Square Chapel and saw a performance called 'Turned Out Nice Again' which was perfect for the girls. Both girls are easily scared by performances (and TV- octonaughts is too scary) so today was a first- they both stayed for all of it! Well, apart from a toilet trip. No scary loud bits or dark bits, gentle audience participation and lots of singing, dancing and physical humour. I loved seeing them both enjoy the show.

Friday 14 October 2011

Learning to knit

I've been going to a knitting class, and its worked! Two bus trips to work, two lunch times and one hat knitted, and a couple of hours last night had the second hat made and both sewn up. I will be asking for help with sewing up, as I definately need to work on that. I hope the smaller one will be lovely for a 1 yr old who I haven't seen for a long time....
Right, must round up the troops for Forest School!

Tuesday 11 October 2011

Autumn crafts

We managed a walk on Sunday, and collected some leaves. Big One wanted to make a picture, and Little One helped make a candle holder. Good fun while DH sorted tea!

Sunday 9 October 2011

A 'weekend'

We've had our first weekend for a while- marked out with days at work before and the anticipation of the week to come.

My parents went on their travels, and hopefully they'll have a lovely few weeks away. DH and I have had time to talk, and have clearer ideas for our plans for the future, including how we'd like home ed to work for us.
We realise to make sure it happens, at least initially, we need time set aside to make sure we can follow where Big One leads. This week my parents have been upset about her learning to read (and HE in general), and I've realised that part of that (at least) is that this week Big One has decided to be interested in it, AND wants to do it with my mum (her favourite person, and knew she was going away). The arguements haven't been nice, but I (we) really hope things will be different when my parents return.

Not least because we've found the caravan we want to buy! DH is doing some tow training soon, so we've arranged to buy and collect it in a fortnight. Its just what we want, with a huge awning and sounds like lots of extras...but we forgot to take pics, so that'll have to wait until it really is ours.
In the meantime, I've been enjoying my bit of home ed. This morning we were in the kitchen so Big One made chocolate meringues with grandmas heavy handmixer (been to find ours in storage- it has a stand so little people can do it), then tuna fishcakes which went so fast I only got a pic of the last one, and the rest of this weeks bread. I hoped to get some cookies made for work, but that'll have to keep till next week.

Later we'll do some making with some pretty leaves from our walk in the woods today. I haven't been there for about 20 years, so it was lovely to share with my family somewhere I went to back when I helped out with Brownies! Scary how time flies...

Posted from my phone- please excuse the typos.

Friday 7 October 2011

Scrumptious Sourdough

One of the luxuries of being in a house is an oven, and I absolutely love sourdough bread. This is probably 2 thirds of our weeks bread- and for some reason it rose even more in the oven! A good day already.