Tuesday 13 November 2012

Last Months Photos

I seem to get the timing wrong for this- its past the change of the month and I'm only just getting the photos off the camera, let alone time to upload a few here. I really should be carving my bowl (its been a work in progress too long, and drying out) but I'm under a baby. Hey, that's life for a few more months at least.

First up, thanks for the interest but Cara the Caravan has moved onto her new home up in the Lakes, and my continued maternity leave is assured for the time being. Christmas IS allowed, yippee! The tree is up but not decorated, so I'll save the photos of the tree for it in all its glory. So, what else has happened this month...
I had a bad hair day. Its shorter now and I'm a lot happier. I was a bit worried when I tried out the clippers, but its fine, honest.

we went for a leaf hunting walk. Rainbow wasn't too happy, but I managed a few pics and some chocolate to get me through. The girls had fun though.

hard to photograph in my coat!

chilling in his seat- and getting a bit big for it.

An old doll from my childhood relegated for giving away (thank goodness!) I was sad to see the tiny tears dolls go though.

Facepainting keeps happening

Still perfecting my sling technique

DH is working on his spoons copying techniques

we don't do tummy time, but he ended up that way playing. He's almost ready for toys- this one has been well loved by my nephews too, so lasting well.

drooly baby getting DH

Princess's knitting, including her own casting off. A blanket for Pooh bear (sometimes)

Clay modelling (I bet there isn't a pic of the fimo we've done!)

Rainbow diving towards Flowers reading book.

Rainbow asleep on my back
Princess decided to make Flower a bag. So she did. No helping allowed by Little Miss Independant.

 We're up to November, and birthday season. No photos of the home made marshmallows or fudge (we did talk about weekly sugar rationing in WW2 and how much went into those and the buns).