Wednesday 25 April 2012

Time flies

Big One with ripples blanket for bump

Its been a couple of weeks since I've updated here, and the time has just flown by. After Easter I was feeling better, getting tired out but not feeling ill, so I've been back at work. Before heading back to work I tried out my stamina- so I've started carving a bowl, finished crocheting the ripples blanket for bump, took the girls for a walk (only a mile, with lots of benches but first time I've taken them out without DH for months!), been baking sourdough bread a few days- it was all going really well.

Yesterday at work wasn't so good, and had a rather long lie down being a patient instead. I knew I was anaemic, but its got a bit worse over the last couple of weeks. Yesterday included being breathless, which was a new and unsettling symptom for me (but goes with the anaemia), so I'm taking supplements and hoping I'll feel the difference soon.

Little One's birthday present- a bracelet
Little One has been enjoying counting down to her birthday, and both girls were so excited when the big day arrived at last. We've been to our regular home ed group, and had  home ed friends over to visit for the first time in our house, which we all really enjoyed. A lovely friend found time to make a birthday cake which I think was first requested 6 months ago and not forgotten about by small people (but I certainly had!), not only beautiful but tastes divine too. Smaller people dissapeared upstairs happily to play which sounded to go really smoothly, and the grown ups got to chat in relative peace- bliss.

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  1. Hope the supplements kick in soon. Love the ripple blanket and bracelet!