Friday 23 March 2012

A crochet moan

Back for my birthday I treated myself to some lovely yarn. My plan is to make a lovely Attic24 rippley baby blanket. She gives lovely clear instructions here. But.


Arrgghhh! See the darker green stripe I started with? I've done that SOOOOO many times! I carefully counted, but then the next row didn't match up. Ah, I must have miscounted. I started again, counted again, many, many times, unpicked it, redid it, etc- I even got DH to count for me. Phooey. I've left a little tail of extra foundation chains that I'll extract when I'm feeling confident, and now I'm making up each end of row as I get there, as they still don't fit somehow. So, my row ends aren't as consistent as I'd like but I'll just have to explain to bump that definately noone has a blanket just like this. Sigh.

On a slight plus, crochet is my 'defense' for sitting around so I don't look like I'm ignoring the boxes and unpacking and sorting. I've been signed off for 2 weeks from work as I'm struggling with remaining upright -a similar problem happened when I was expecting Big One, only home life wasn't quite so busy without children (!!!), so I think the extra tiredness is making it a bit different.
I'm annoyed I'm unreliable at work, but also know the best thing for me and bump is to be able to sit and rest- without watching work build up while I do that, or have to ask someone to do my work for me. I'm certainly not pulling my weight at home so here's a public thanks for DH and the girls for putting up with me, and looking after me!

Anyway, I think I'll get some more crochet time in the next couple of weeks, so hopefully this blanket wil fly along.

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