Saturday 11 June 2011

Wealdon TImes Mid-Summer Fair

We're here at Brick House Farm helping out with the Midsummer Fair. We've roasted three pigs, quite succesfully if I do say so myself! We've also been responsible for feeding the pigs- Dotty, Spotty, Madge and her piglets, Mattie and a gang of weaners, and taking water to all of them, and the goats and sheep ( though they haven't wanted any water, silly animals!). We've had a wonderful time, and I think the rain definately helped Fridays pig from being too scorched- the crackling was fabulous.
We've made friends with some exhibitors here, and been inspired. Jane and her sister ( sorry, I've forgotten your name!) made friends with the girls and we loved Jane's designs for Slinks. If I wasn't planning on spending this summer in a field.......
We also loved the look of a hot tub. Not just any hot tub- this one is wood fired! She only got it just in time for the Fair, and unfortunately we didn't get to talk to her until the last day, otherwise we could have tried it out one evening when the Fair was shut :-( but it really, really looks like something to aspire to.
All the exhibitors have been busy packing up, and we've been able to relax in the sunshine and enjoy. WE have remembered to get some photos today, so hopefully we'll  get a photo post up this week.
Apologies regarding the Google Calendar- some info is there but in the wrong place. Soon I hope to get it sorted out, but that'll be a job for tomorrow, or the next day, or the next week.
Big and Little One have had a fabulous time, meeting new people and making new friends, but its time for me to go and play until our supper is ready. Its a hard life!

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