Thursday 20 March 2014

Devon is....

Heaven? Home?
Definitely brilliant.
We are steadily unpacking boxes. Well, ok, had a mad few days of unpacking and its now at a much slower rate.
Books- I think they may almost all be out of boxes. We have bought an extra bookcase and I think I have a bit of a thing about books. So I have a tiny box of books I might be able to part with. Maybe they could be at home in the Farmhouse....not too far away.
The children are all settling in, and its lovely to meet new friends. The weather has been fairly kind to us, with glorious sunshine and only a tiny bit of rain so far, so lots of playing out and simply stepping outside the door to see the stars at night.
But, as ever, we have much to do and must get on. And the old house to decorate next week. Ah well.

 I will try to send some photos to the blog, but limited internet and technology is rather frustrating. I think that is the downside to living here. Oh well, more time to read those books!

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