Thursday 23 February 2012

Boring normal lurgy

Ugghh, I'm full of cold. Just thought I'd share the 'germs' online. Little One has been quite poorly. She got it first, and has been very cuddly and sleepy (and snotty and coughing), just drinking water and not eating much at all. I've had my 'day off for working the weekend' in bed feeling awful, and today hasn't been any better.

Well, Little One is a bit better, but I'm not. Big One has so far avoided all germs, and DH luckily hasn't been too bad, more sleep deprived from looking after Little One through the nights.

Anyway, I've been back at work nearly 2 weeks- had a weekend to work which I didn't want to let anyone down for, and today is another day off sick, sigh. Its good to feel (normally) well enough to work- I was beginning to wonder if I'd be like this the whole pregnancy! I'm just glad I did decide to ring work yesterday- at 4 am this morning I was really glad I didn't have to pull myself together in the morning to ring in, when its too late for someone to cover for my first patient, and they end up having to wait.

Another week and a bit and our tenants should have handed the keys back, so we'll be closer to living in a house again. The agents and I are having wobbles that they might not move out- we knew about problems with the front door lock, which oddly they didn't want us to fix...but now we find out our back door keys no longer work either. Hopefully there's some simple misunderstanding, but I hadn't considered they wouldn't move out, more that the house might be in an awful state. The agent did say if they don't move out its no simple matter to evict them, but I didn't want to be told any more as I'm not ready to think about that. I just want to be able to use a bath and shower with hot running water that is more than 10 litres.


  1. Fingers firmly crossed for a straightforward leaving from the tenants.

  2. We got more positive news on Friday- sounds like they have a house to move to, and are working on leaving. Locksmith should have changed a lock and gasman should therefore been able to get in and do the certificate, and tenants should have handed keys in one week today. fingers crossed!

  3. Ooh hope it comes through next week!