Sunday 1 May 2011

just too busy doing

 A page of pics....
Dolly pegs at Bletchley ( the place with the enigma machines and code breaking in the second world war)..

 Lower Shaw Farm

entertainment at break time- yes that is a harp!

Including the polytunnel bare
poly tunnel new plastic

giant conga around from the front lawn..
Matt in his element with a team to organise
putting it up

the girls play barn (just for them, of course!)

at work in the sunshine


Little One insisted on a yoga practice after lunch!

Moving onto South Devon to John's place:

 Our pitch- a field to ourselves, apart from when the sheep visited.
the 'facilities' built by previous WWOOFers

First days work- sent to the beach!
 The view from the forest garden- the polytunnel ( the girls and I did some weeding there) and the huuge glass house. Fabulous.
A quiet spell in the journey!

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