Saturday 2 April 2011

our 'holiday'

We’ve been in Edale at Fieldhead Campsite for a few days, while I’ve done a spoon carving course with Robin Wood.

The carving course has been excellent, as expected- from learning safe knife handling to wonderful lunches in wooden bowls and spoons, meeting intersting folk and just generally having a fab time. I've come away with 3 spatulas, 4 tent pegs of my own, and another half dozen of other peoples ( thank you, they are all in use and excellent in the windy weather), 2 spoons and working on a spoon-tula and some wood to keep going.

 I’ve had a lovely time, and we’ve been getting used to the tet. Its been quite blustery for the last couple of nights- which has been a bit of an experience. The girls have slept through most of it, but DH and I haven’t slept brilliantly- its all a bit new. The tent has been absolutely fine though, and we’ve been warm, if not hot, and dry. The campsite has gone from being us and another tent to 9 minibuses and a coach arriving last night, as well as other cars so its been rather busy, something else to get used to- new neighbours pitching in the dark on a windy night- impossible for them to be quiet!

A quick review of the campiste- lovely location, bit pricey but there isn't much choice here- 20 p for 2 minute shower and takes almost a minute to run warm sometimes, washing facilities not always cleaned that often, but being able to park in the village means we keep coming back.

DH and the girls had one trip back to sort out a few things forgotten and extra things we don't need ( we sort of expected it, that's why we started off near home) and the other grandparents came to visit us yesterday and say final good byes for a few months.

We’re having a day at Chatsworth – the farm and adventure playground- so I’ve briefly got internet access and occupied children to post this.

We’re having fun, settling in and planning packing up tomorrow! Hope to have longer internet access soon so will add pictures :-)


  1. Glad to hear all is well and you are on your way :) When are you at your first WWOOF host?

  2. Tomorrow, 5 pm, somewhere around Swindon!

  3. So glad you're having a lovely time!! Wishing you a smooth drive down to Swindon tomorrow :o)

  4. Glad you enjoyed your time in Edale and have a great trip, what an adventure.
    No doubt it will have it's ups and downs but going through the downs together and coming out the other side can be as good as enjoying the ups.

  5. Assuming you're there by now but good luck for the first hosts!