Tuesday 1 February 2011

Too Much to Do

And I hardly know where to start. I'm feeling the pressure today- at work all day, politely requesting DH contacts the campsite we're going to first (his delegated job from months ago, I know he's busy but it STILL hadn't happened!), reading how another family is a zillion times more organised than we are, and knowing that when I'd really like to have a bath, or just chill with a relaxing book, I really should be finding more hosts and emailing them.I've been packing up the cellar a bit, but need to 'politely encourage' DH to get on with it.
I know how busy the day is with the children, getting food, sorting food,washing up, washing clothes, all essential for daily life. But we are out of this house in 4 weeks and it HAS got to get packed!!!
I know I'm tired and grumpy from working the weekend, and I'm very glad I'm off Thursday to compensate- that's when we plan to move the fridge freezer from parent storage to paid storage, hopefully sort out addresses with banks, and I'm hoping a whole lot more packing can happen as well.
Home educating can be about working to a deadline this month....
Hmm, better tell DH to read this, though I think he might be getting the idea already.


  1. Argh, also having a 'can't see how this is possibly going to happen' day today. Am having a glass of wine after a bath and enjoying sitting on a sofa while knowing it'll all fall into place. It will for you guys too :) x

  2. ((Vikki)) You'll do it! Pretend you're Mary Poppins. "Best begun is half done!" ;-)

    Alternatively, invite us all round to do for you what you did for us?

  3. I feel a bit better for getting my feelings written down- a huge amount of this is lack of sleep (for both of us- chuffing Little One!).
    Gill, the idea of getting friends to come and help is lovely- if I could just figure out what to do next, lol. So much of the packing is sorting through and decision-making- we just need to be able to think enough to make the odd decision :) I'm planning a playing day Friday- hopefully to Nutclough in the afternoon so a bit of fresh air should help as well.