Thursday 3 February 2011

A better day

A nights sleep and things are better again.
A few more things in storage- that huge fridge freezer moved as well as a few more boxes, food ordered from Suma to collect tomorrow, nice plans for tomorrow- all going well.

A phone call from estate agents this morning( they tried to sell our house for over 6 months, failed, now its up to rent instead) went something along these lines:
exchanged pleasantries then she said 'so, I've got some good news, there was a viewing last night and she really loves the house'.
Me: 'mmm' ( thinking we've been here before)
Agent: 'She'd like to offer £xxxxxxx for it.'
Me:' She wants to BUY it???' ( extremely surprised)
Agent: 'Yes, but she has to sell her house first. So, she'd like to rent it until she's in a position to buy.'
Me: ' Oh, ok. Yes, that all sounds good to me. thank you!'

Wow. it sounds very good, but we'll see if anything comes from it. And any offer she makes to buy won't be binding. After living there she might change her mind. She might say this about every house she views and not sign to rent it. However, I'm hopeful we might have a tenant. Oh, she wants to move in as soon as possible as well.
It couldn't be better for a phone call- so we hope the paper work will back it up.
But I'm just enjoying the day, not getting my hopes up too high. If we get a signed tenancy agreement then I'll start believing it!

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