Sunday 20 February 2011

Not our dream....

quite yet, but we've been able to help friends get a little nearer with theirs. We had so much fun the first day we asked to go back the next- ok, it wasn't quit so much fun or productive in the snow ( and we got a little stuck getting there!) but it was lovely.
We were able to focus on a task and get on with it. The girls had fun with friends back at the house, and we could relax and enjoy because we knew the girls were so happy.
A welcome distraction to packing up and making decisions ( as in 'which storage place does this need to go to? When will it be needed again? Or does it go in the charity bag, or, gulp, the bin?'). One more week until  we mostly move- I plan the last week living here as 'camping'. Next weekend we hope to get all the furniture into storage, our travel fridge to be in use ( its currently our freezer so we need to eat up!) and my parents house to be a bit full. It would be good it we could put off putting up the tent for another week, but that depends if we run out of corners to cram things when we get this house mostly empty.
Our travel plans are coming together, we've decided to try to go to particular events, so The Bodgers Ball, Natural Mamas forum camp and The Mother Camp are all on our itinerary. Not all of these have been easy decisions for us both, but we're willing to try different experiences. We had hoped to fit in a festival or two, but the ones that have caught our interest really have been at the wrong time/wrong end of the country, and/or completely astronomically priced. Much as I love my yoga, and expect my teacher will be doing a Yoga family friendly Camp, I'm not quite up to talking DH into a week of it.This year.
It looks like we're going to have a couple of weeks proper holiday in the South of England. WWOOF hosts there either have changed their email addresses or are so un-keen on our family they haven't responded to enquiries, but it looks like this will work well with doing some touristy bits as a family. Just looking at the National Trust Book there's tons to see, but I'm hoping to get onto the permaculture website to see what projects we can visit just for the day. We have one host lined up in the South East, I just need to decide which dates to go for. We don't want to clash with DH's landrover show (I'd do a link but TBH I know nothing about it :-)  ).

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