Saturday 16 February 2013

A Poorly Week

Big Girl has had a bug this week,so we've been a lot more sofa based this week.
I was realising that learning doesn't stop with sickness though, no excuse with not being well enough to go to school! We have been reading a few social history books from the library, when she's been awake. DVDs of   different aspects of farming, how its changed since the second world war,  filled more sofa time for her.

Before she was poorly she decided housework was fun, and vacuuming was what she wanted to do.

Flower has wanted to do 'something' without Princess, but we've been at a loss of what- neither of them have wanted to go to the different activities we've been regulars at, and its a bit hard to find something for someone who doesn't want to do things.Anyway, we found an activity group for her to try that Princess is too old for, and went this week. She had a great time, so looks to be on the calendar for a few more weeks at least.

Pancake Day had Flower taking the lead, helping make the batter, pouring it in the pan and then letting Daddy do the hot bit.

We went to our usual home ed group, but planned to leave early. Though, with the snow coming down quick, so did everyone else. Too many germs for much playing out in it this time. A bit of guacamole making went down well, even with a birds eye chilli in it!

I managed to finish writing an article I've had in mind for a while, that may even get published if I'm lucky- fingers crossed.

 We've been putting together a few different historical eras, so we finally have the homemade timeline that's been in my head for a few weeks. Princess has been rather interested in World War Two and Victorian times, but doing 1 cm per decade means the Ancient Egyptians are half way across the kitchen, despite starting at the front wall of the house!

DH had a night out wild camping with friends ( they use hammocks rather than tents, that sort of thing), which was the first time he's gone since Rainbow has been with us. Sounds good fun, and Princess can't wait for warmer weather when she and Daddy can wild camp together. I'm happy we coped just fine without DH (that wasn't a given!).
Since he got back I got a little time with a rough idea and one of DHs old t-shirts, and a few hours later Rainbow has some new trousers. It almost worked as I hoped- I cut out the back pieces back to front so the old logo on the front just adds a little colour to the bum, instead of being legible across his backside. Ah well, its a good start, and there's another T-shirt in the ragbag to try another time.

So, this week has been pretty quiet really.
Half term approaches, so we'll be avoiding the crowds and just joining in a couple of the extra activities on.

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