Saturday 2 June 2012

Sewing Day

We had a problem with our boiler, which meant I had to miss out on a trip out we had planned. Looking on the bright side, it made me finally keep my promise to Big One and make her a new sunhat- she's finally grown out of the one I made 2 years ago. 
The little daisy button is my first try at covering a button with fabric- my button selection wasn't up to the job.

My lovely sister-in-law has given me a fab sewing machine, and with the help of youtube (to figure out how to disengage the clutch for filling the bobbin) I can use it.
Its been so long since the last sunhat, I've moved laptops so I had to upload the free software again.
At this point I wondered if it would actually turn into a hat....but it did!
With sewing happening, Big One decided to join in. She asked for help making the templates (to her own designs) and then decided she'd prefer me to help cut out the felt as well. Everything else was her own work- while I had a doze on the sofa. She's made 2 other shapes since the photos, and invited a friend in to sew with her!

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