Friday 22 June 2012

PIcs and peices

Hmm, need to work on my routines. It seems I get around to sorting photos for here about once a month. I prefer blogging with pictures. This would have happened sooner, but our internet isn't behaving at the moment, its not always working, or working fast enough- its been a problem these last few days.
Crowns for the jubilee

hard at work parenting
I'm on a forum which includes some very crafty ladies, so I wanted to share my recent cloth makings. I've done some mama pads. I've really enjoyed having something quite small to make using my 'new' sewing machine. Using different stitches (figuring out the controls was a sense of achievement- I didn't need youtube for changing stitches in the end, but it was very handy for figuring out how to fill a bobbin). The pads started off with an old flanellette sheet and hand towel, but I did buy some extra flanellette from Fabworks. With thread and snaps as well, I've probably spent about £10 on these pads. Buying them (yes, people do buy washable sanitary protection) would be about that for 3 (though that does depend on the fabric- some are really fancy), and I know the re-used fabric has been very well used in its old life as well.
Mama pads in progress

Nearly finished mamapads
 Yesterday Big One and I finally got the box of Fimo out. We got it a quite a few weeks ago, but as its new to me, I wanted time with just me and her to investigate it- I've not used it before. We have a few moulds in the kit, but  after one attempt at a flower I decided to decorate a spoon instead. My wood carving is suffering at the moment- I rest my work against my abdomen usually, and its not working the same with baby bump.I have a bowl I'd like to tidy up a few bits on, and I'm finding it difficult. Anyway, I was able to be a little creative with a spoon in another way.

My first attempts at fimo

 I've just taken some pics of my practice Onbag. I've struggled to find pictures of the inside of the bag , and didn't quite understand the pattern instructions without. So, I decided to use a ripped old sheet to have a practice, which I'm really glad about. Now I've made one, I know I like the overall style of the bag, but also the side pockets need adapting slightly to fit our family waterbottles comfortably. The sheet was white (as the girls are talking of adopting it, I imagine fabric pens will be put into use) so the photos don't show it very well, but here they are, with Little One as willing model. I haven't actually looked at the suggestions for how to tie the bag (there's a website of course!)- the point of this bag is the tying straps, so its all soft and can be used under/over/around a baby in a sling (though sling + baby not compulsory!). A friend has suggested padding the strap for additional comfort, and I think when I get my proper one made I'll do that. I'm just waiting on a cutting ruler -mum in law gave me a rotary cutter which is brilliant, but I think using a patchwork see-through ruler type thing will help me be a little less wasteful with straight lines.

Over the shoulder Onbag with Little One

Tied as a backpack

Trying to show one of the pockets with flap out of the way

Comfy enough over her shoulders!


  1. Nice crafting, you're very talented, I struggle to even follow patterns x

  2. Thanks Sammy! I definately struggle with some patterns :-) I'm really glad I went to a sewing class for a while so I can consider buying patterns, but I also have a very talented sister and mother in law as back up! (and I'm needing to ring them about my heavyweight fabric choice for my 'proper' Onbag.....)