Wednesday 13 June 2012

Back to Busy

OK, for the last post I was just having a bad couple of days- the last few days have been so busy they've flown by!
We've been out of the house every day, and that's included trips to fabric shops. I've had making a baby bag in mind, and found some gorgeous fabric. Bombay Stores in Bradford was nice for haberdashery side of things, and some very fancy fabrics to oggle, but for fabric choice Fabworks in Dewsbury just can't be beat (yet- happy to be proved wrong!). DH did the driving, which meant I wasn't too tired to wander around trying to decide, and failing miserably. My fabric stash is growing - which must be the same as the slugs in the allotment- as our plants don't seem to get chance to grow!

We fit in an educational trip to Ikea. It was going to be backup fabric shop, but instead it was lunch and discussions about Fire Regs, evacuation signs, sprinkler systems and alarms- we timed our visit to coincide carefully with the end of a fire alarm evacuation.

Big One saw the ironing board out (I only seem to iron fabric for sewing projects) and wanted a go, so who am I to stop her? The lowest height is just nice for her, so she was so happy ironing some sewing fabric we set off later to something she wanted to go to! Long may it last.... Little One was interested, but a bit too wary of the safety info- thankfully I reckon- she's a bit easily distracted so I can imagine her ironing fingers.
I inadvertently bought spirulina powder rather than capsules last time I shopped, and today my solution to that problem arrived- a capsule maker! The girls and I have got a bit messy filling a few dozens of capsules this evening, but its better than wasting a whole big bottle of powder (I really can't stand the taste), and a bit of interesting fun too.

The last few days have also included gymnastics, our regular weekly group and also fit in a trip over to Lancashire to have a look at a pushchair and carseat for bump- getting organised at last. If we're lucky we'll sort out the birth pool tomorrow... And so much for home ed being at home!

At Walsden there's an amazing permaculture place behind Gordon Rigg's- wow. We just had a quick look around, with DH telling me bits from the visit I missed a couple of weeks back, and I can see why he and our friends are so inspired. They've been there less than 2 years, have amazing (well made) raised beds, polytunnels- with passive heat stores, 100s of tree saplings grafted, a series of ponds (alas, a plethora of midges too)- its had some money invested in the infrastructure which really shows, compared to other places we've visited and is looking really, really interesting. I was a bit exhausted by the time we got there though, and Little One has been under the weather today, the others were hungry so we'll just have to plan to go back when we can ask intelligent questions/and/or get stuck in and work.

Looking forward to a few quieter days with the allotment and sewing- or whatever the girls come up with!

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