Friday 22 March 2013


purple crocuses just peeping out

snowy blue eyed boy (and wow, I love my babywearing MaM coat keeping us snug!)


snow ball

snow angel

snow angel with very tidy getting out!

its useful as a seat, too

Flowers photos- a daffodil fairy
 Flower recieved a Daffodil Flower Fairy kit from Myriad at Christmas. Last week she asked me to make it for her (I had hoped she might like to help, but I got the fun of making it for her instead, and she enjoyed it being for her). Rather seasonal, especially as our daffs aren't out yet under the snow!
Flower's Flower Fairy
face paint to her own design

such fun!

we have some iridescent powder that was fun to photograph

sparkly and glitter

you nip to the loo in the night, and someone pinches the warm bit of  bed!

Princess liked the felt flower kit. One day (before I got up) she made a doll. I think its lovely, all designed, cut, sewn and stuffed all by herself. The kit I did had templates for me to copy, so hers was much more challenging.
Rainbow enjoying floor to wriggle on. Or blow raspberries,as he was doing  for this pic

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