Saturday, 16 March 2013

Another Dress

Flower and Princess chose the fabric
Its quite lightweight so I learned to fit a lining in it.
I have never done buttonholes before, but they seem to have come out just right.
I haven't done a collar before ( I'm really not keen, now I have done on- fitting a curve to a straight line, eurggh). The cuffs were a little easier, but now she's wearing it putting buttons on seems a bad idea- they'll be ripped off first wearing knowing Flower.
Sooo, ta da!!!

Its the most complicated thing I've tried so far. Or, at least, I've learned a lot each step of the way.

Something completely different- I've been trying out different things with some stretchy fabric. Urrggh. I haven't got the hang of it yet, but I had an hour with a coverstitch machine yesterday, so I've done some hems I'm not too happy about. I think I'll try with a twin needle on my own machine next time, and hopefully it should go more smoothly.
Anyway, Princess got some sleeves for a short-sleeved top (I'm not feeling as 'ta da' about these)
Just because:

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