Saturday 22 January 2011

Slowly Does It

Packing,moving, packing, moving, even throw things out. That's how I assess each room I go into at the moment. I even managed to get Big One to sort through 3 of her various piles of 'important papers' and treasures- we've got a box of things packed away! The pile earmarked for travelling ( just her important things, not the shared resources of paper, crayons, pencils, pens, scissors, paint, paintbrushes!) is rather huge, but its a start.
Our van is full at the moment- mostly rubbish. I wish we could just take it to the tip. However, our van is tall. Our van is, well, a van. So, we've got take our council tax bill, get a peice of paper to allow us to take rubbish to the tip, and then, once we're allowed to do it- ask the man nicely to let us in as there is a height barrier and our van is too tall. Funnily enough I can understand the temptation of fly-tipping now we have a van- I can't believe its so hard to take rubbish and recycling in! Instead we've filled the bins at both houses, and will fill my parents bins as well. The folk who help themselves to anything not fastened down helped us out- we left scrap metal in the back yard at the old house and they obliged within a day!
I had hoped to get more boxes packed, the wardrobe dismantled and in storage- but the van is full of rubbish so we need to dispose of that before we can get another load shifted.
We've put a fair bit into the shiny new storage unit- the bed frames have gone, several book shelves, the filing cabinet, a coffee table....and that was just yesterday :-)
The other house is on the market To Let, and there's just cleaning and a few things left to move ( the van was full of rubbish, remember), so I hope we can get it finished very soon. Tomorrow we should at least get the van empty, but I don't know what else we'll get done.
5 or so weeks till we need to have this house empty. I think I'll go find a drink.


  1. How cathartic it will be, when you finally get your van emptied!

  2. Not empty, but the rubbish is dealt with which is a Good feeling!