Sunday 23 January 2011

One Step Nearer!

Ok, this is quite a lot of blogging for me, but we've had three days of packing with children, and I'm really quite proud of what we've done. We've moved nearly all the huge things that aren't currently in use into the storage unit- one wardrobe still to dismantle but we had another first today instead.
Big One doesn't 'do' films. She enjoys the Peppa Pig DVD we have ( she doesn't know there's more than one, and have no interest in getting more just yet) and we also have several Wiggles Live shows on DVD ( thanks to DH's sister for starting that one- we all enjoy it!), so up until today the longest item she's watched has been a Wiggles show. We've started a few films, but anything not completely friendly ( Monsters Inc was NOT good) has not lasted long, we had a real struggle ( because DH and I wanted to watch it!) with Muppets Christmas Carol. Anyway, today we watched The Sound of Music. I forgot how long it was, but at least I could remember enough of the story to tell Big One what was going to happen next, so Maria did come back, and they did all get away safely. Trying to think of an explanation for the Nazis that wouldn't scare her more was more tricky... But she watched it all, enjoyed most of it and was only a bit upset when it finished, a bit late in the day and very tired out. A couple of hours in front of a screen is suprising tiring- I've not watched anything longer than, say Edwardian Farm for a while and I felt 'out of sorts' as well. We went for a little walk for fresh air, and I feel happy that TV isn't a regular part of our day anymore.
I bought a copy of Set Free Childhood once I was ready to do something about how stressful bedtimes had become in our house. I felt the 20 mins- 1 hr of TV in the evenings while we tidied up and got ready for bedtime was really making things worse. When we moved into the rented house we left the TV behind, and really noticed the difference. Recently we've had vomiting bugs, and I thought the TV would be our safety net- but we didn't put one iplayer programme or DVD  on to distract the children. Though ultimately, although the children benefit, going without the TV was to push us into using our time better. We'd both sit in front of the TV and laptop all evening after getting the girls to bed, not notice the time passing, skipping from channel to channel finding something else to watch instead of switching off, feeling 'out of sorts', tired but not quite sleepy after finally managing to turn it off....and I realised if we as adults have a problem, how much harder must it be for a child to deal with- no wonder the girls were acting up! I can really recommend Set Free Childhood, just as an interesting read about something that is in most homes, a major source of 'relaxation' or 'information' for so many people.

I was a bit worried about the van full of rubbish yesterday- but I really didn't need to. Less than 2 hours of sifting through it- and filling more rubbish bins- it seems a lot more managable. We have a small store of wood ( hope my parents don't want to grow anything in their greenhouse too soon!), a couple more boxes have been put away and  that just leaves a small pile of rubbish for when the wheely bins have been emptied again.
A few random boxes of junk were sorted through this evening, and I was finally ruthless and have only kept 2 boxes of glass jars- all with lids- and the rest have gone in recycling. I'd had a few left in the old house, so trying to get those together with my stash at the rented house has been one of those things that have taken such an annoyingly long time to happen- but the satisfaction in another little task completed is nice.
I wish we'd been able to sort through enough things together to empty another book case, but that requires  happy, well children and the two of us to both be awake at the same time, with brains still functioning. Hasn't happened yet but I live in hope!
I've been able to use my brand new Camping Mug this evening, that DH got me as a Christmas present a couple of days ago(its the thought, not the date that counts). I had to, he wants to borrow it tomorrow and I wanted to try it out first!
Hmm, I've not got pictures to add to this- I'm not wanting to photograph the rubbish in the van, and the half full storage or very full attics don't photo well..
Big One figured out what she was doing wrong when trying to tie a bow yesterday- and has got the hang of it, and even wore clogs today so she could tie her own shoes. I do have a photo of that first bow, but that's on my phone and requires more brain power to remember where the cable is to download it.
Oh well, I feel some crochet coming on instead. Photos can wait another day/week/month.

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