Wednesday 16 October 2013

Baking for two

Princess has been nut free for years, but we are also trying a fortnight of wheat free to see if that helps Flower ( I'm not that hopeful- I suspect it'll be yeast and sugar she needs to cut out, but 1 step at a time).
Anyway, that meant we needed two baking sessions today, and I had to invent a rice flour biscuit recipe. I hate inventing recipes, it usually is spectacularly aweful, but thankfully, this time it worked.
Cinnamon gingerbread men made with wheat, and vanilla rice flour biscuits made with almonds.
Recent days have had the fire lit purely for toasting marshmallows, and I've managed to block some squares of a blanket I'm working on. I rarely block anything, but it is satisfying to see it making such a difference from raggedy square-ish shapes changing to very regular building blocks for a blanket.
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