Thursday 24 October 2013

A few days

Feeding the animals at Cannon Hall Farm,
Riding lesson,playing in the park are the pics today. There were more but updating by email has limits apparently.
Princess has continued to carve her elves, and keeping going with unprompted reading. She is very selective in what she chooses to read, and we are enjoying her independence.
Flower is enjoying having a selective diet- she's gluten free and doing really well with it. She's really happy with her own Flower-size sweeping brush ( full size cut down to suit her), and swept up loads of leaves outside, and helping inside as well. She's after her own wheelbarrow, but that will probably wait until spring, when we know how tall she is then!
Both girls are attached to old swimming costumes, with Flowers from when she was about 2-3, really far too small. I finally managed to snip off the bottom, add a silky skirt and turn it into a dress. That photo will have to wait for another day though.
Carving- well, that's what dh and Princess do, but dh is a bit busy drystone walling for the next few months- he has a boundary wall to move, when he gets chance.
We have a spindle, and a very large amount of alpaca fleece turned up just at the right moment, so spinning will be another craft to fit in.
Some of the alpaca has found itself needle felted, but that's another one that'll wait for another day.
Time just flies at the moment. I barely have chance to breathe, so this blog seems to be a bit of a photo diary just to remind me of the gist of what we have been up to.
A few people we see occasionally are much less accepting of home Ed, and like others, my mind goes blank when put on the spot. Maybe I could say look at the blog for some things we do, rather than the ' whatever takes our fancy' general answer.
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