Sunday 5 August 2012

Three weeks old

Little man is 3 weeks old now, and this last week has gone quickly. I'm starting to feel better, which is fabulous. Looking back, its like my brain has been wrapped in cotton wool- I've not been able to think things through, plan, or stand up for long. Now DH says I'm harder to live with (I see jobs that need doing and put them on the task list, remind him, have suggestions, etc!) and I'm using some of the time DH is getting cuddles with Little Man to do Useful Things. I've been to the supermarket without DH (the ability to remember what I need to  buy and feeling confident I can stand long enough to queue have been limiting factors) but instead the extra stress was figuring out getting Little Man out of the sling, extracting a boob (without showing more flesh than I'm comfortable with)- whilst at the checkouts and the checkout operator was completely ignoring the fact I had a baby with me, let alone feeding. Um, yes, today I WOULD like help packing please!
DH has been able to get on with a couple of jobs we've been intending to do for months as well, which is great. One day we'll even get around to putting the caravan up for sale....

Apologies if you've had a vague telephone conversation with me. Part of knowing I'm not completely better is noticing I can't filter noise as I normally would, so can't concentrate on the phone conversation whilst life carries on around me. I'm the same in busy, noisy places, so just trying to avoid them for the short term.
Oldest meets youngest- Great Grandma with Little Man. Nearly a century between them (but not quite!)

Little One happily busy

Sometimes he will have a lie down by himself for a few minutes

Even nappies are important for Little One to help with

Multi-tasking- potty and feeding works quite well. Less nappies to wash!

Big sister jiggling

quick pic of today

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