Saturday 11 August 2012

I do still like craft, honest!

Today we bumped into Flying Shavings, and a couple of people I've been on various courses with in Edale with Robin Wood.

Apologies craft people, I can see my blog is going to be baby orientated for a good few months at least. Seeing folk face to face makes me realise how boring it must be when you're looking to see what crafting someone is up to...
Mrs Flying Shavings (not sure if you like your name out and about on t'internet) was asking about a programme I caught up with the other day,Britain's heritage heroes- so here's the link for you (Robin Wood is about 20 mins in, but Portland Works is just before that which is interesting, DH and I had a look around when the redevelopment was still threatening). I realise I'd better put the link here, as I'm not all that sure I have your email address...
We bought a lovely bowl from Mr. Flying Shavings. Yes I can carve them, but it would mean waiting a year or so, and it is nice to appreciate the craftmanship of a friend (he's got a heck of a lot more experience than me, and it shows!).I do feel a bit guilty about the bargain we got- but one day hopefully we can return the favour- if we make summat he'd like!

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