Wednesday 23 May 2012

Sunny Day!

I've been lucky enough to have a days holiday today- wow, sunshine! Lucky for me the weather has been lovely today, and a bit of sunshine is fabulous for brightening everything up.

This is meant to be my last full week at work, but taking 2 days to recover from working one day last week made me rather scared of working 4 days this week.

So, Monday I begged and pleaded (officially far too late to ask for time off this week), and Tuesday afternoon they were sure enough of enough staff, so today I didn't have to rush out the door for work.
Instead the sun was already warm, so the girls and I popped down the garden for half an hour to weed a little patch. The girls disappeared quickly- one was entranced by a tiny snail and another was busy with the scooter, so I was able to attack the creeping buttercup. It still works best if I'm on my knees- standing up digging isn't for me these days, but I got a little patch clear. So sometime soon I hope to get some peas planted.

The plan after that was very fluid, with much indecisiveness, but ended up with me sitting in the shade all day. I was able to read my book in peace (yippee!) and eventually I moved shade patches to chat with friends. Being outside was lovely, seeing friends was fabulous, children busy with other children was great. DH did his thing with providing hammocks for children to play in, toilet escort, etc and I was given crochet inspiration- water bottle cover in progress.It would be fabulous to have photos to illustrate a lovely day- but we were far to busy living it and didn't take a camera. Sitting doing very little has been exhausting though, and I think I might be racing Little One to bed again today- last night it was a very close contest. On the plus side- I haven't actually had a nap today, so I must still be on the mend- that's better than last week.
Tomorrow to work, and Jubilee Day to work- and I think I can do that- phew. Iron tablets, tissue salts, spatone, spirulina- some/all of that is making the difference and I'm really glad to feel halfway human again!

My lovely sister-in-law gave me a sewing machine last week (very generous lady!) so next week I'm looking forward to remembering how to use one, and getting on with some different projects. Exciting times.

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