Monday 28 March 2011

The Van is Loaded

Well, almost!
DH has spent ALL day carefully packing it- which is awful as when we have to leave a campsite by 10 am, we can't carefully arrange every box just right. The van is Very Full- and we still have yet another few boxes and random items to find places for. Dh reckons we'll have a trailer within 2 weeks :-)

He has done a FABULOUS job of it, even demonstrating how quick the tent is to pack up. I was talking to a friend on the phone for about 10 minutes, starting with the tent still being up, and by the end of the conversation Big One said 'Daddy's bringing the tent down  now'- meaning it all packed and into the van, not just taking the poles out!

Little One is poorly- a clingy day which has included 2 long naps and normal bedtime- I can only hope this is the worst of it and she'll be better tomorrow- please everyone have your fingers crossed for us xx
Big One has been wonderful fun, helping out and getting some playing done.

My parents house is hopefully clean and tidy enough- its not up to 'retired couple' standard, but its much cleaner and tidier than its been for the last couple of weeks- shhhh!
Speaking of parents, its time for me to go get them from the airport.

Our first port of call has no mobile reception, so I expect we'll be offline for at least a week now- thanks for following us this far.

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