Wednesday 16 March 2011

Still Working....

We're still plodding on- 1 week and a day left for me to work- yippee! But until then I feel I need each day to have 48 hours to fit it all in.

I've had a nice conversation with EDF Energy tonight- after waiting for 15 minutes for one of their very busy people to get around to answering the phone- and thankfully got a helpful person who sounds to be sorting things out. We've nicely overpaid on our accounts for both houses, so we're just making sure we get our money back.

That'll go to help fund the new tires DH had fitted today- £650 and we hope we can handle damp grass better than the tiny amount of snow we were skating in last month! They look the part, but I also hope we don't need to test them out any time soon.
More electrical bits for the van arrived, ready for Tony to fit on Friday, and DH must remember to go get the extra leisure battery tomorrow, before his trip to the dentists ( important to get sorted before we go!).

I've had fun on ebay getting a stack of plastic-backed picnic blankets which are starting to arrive- our tent flooring- we already have 4 but that isn't enough!
I also have to figure out that bloomin stick-on velcro. Its doesn't stick to things that bend, so it hasn't worked with the foam sleeping mats. I had a go at stitching a short 20 cm length last night.  At 2 hours I had got far enough, I figure a couple of inches only sewed along one edge will have to do. the glue sticks to the needle and thread, needing rubbing off every couple of stitches, the velcro is tough so I broke a needle- it is not a fun job. I'm not doing any tonight, so I'll have to do double tomorrow to keep going.

We have some socialising planned this weekend, so I just hope we can fit enough work around it. We've accidentally managed to arrange to see a family who inspired us to give this a go.
Our 'tipi' family didn't get far in distance with their journey, but have shown us how they enjoy living in tents, and given us the inspiration to get on and Do It ourselves. We haven't seen them for over a year, but talking to someone at work this week- who's son plays with theirs- means we can catch up with them before we go.
We're also catching up with some home-ed friends, and hope to call in at 'lenten moon/spring equinox thing' if we possibly can on Saturday.
I'd better go get some sleep while I can!


  1. Fantastic - big progress! Saw the tyres yesterday and drooled.

  2. The tyres have made me very happy :) the hour and a half at the dentists didn't :(