Monday 2 August 2010

A week of sunhats

Before I forget, here's the toolroll finally finished, made from fabric scraps I've been given, with absolutely no design in it- I remember my Dad having one made by my mum, from old jeans and a tie from an ancient swimsuit. This one is much more flowery!

I've been struggling with sun hats. Its been something I've liked the idea of making, but hadn't seen a pattern I liked. I found one I thought was ok- until I made it.

 Somehow the shape doesn't fit right on my girls, and I have a sizing problem-- this looks like it should almost fit Little One, But I made it for Big One! The first one is far too small for both, too big for a dolly and not good enough to gift to a younger child. I think the dolls box has adopted it anyway.
gratuitous cute pic of Little One- hat well hidden!

slightly better view of the hat, which doesn't look much like the tutorial one.
Somewhere along the line I found mention of Wild Ginger free download software- it helps you make the pattern to fit (allegedly) and, of course does a fab sun hat.
However, looking for the website that lead me to using the software (which I cannot find-a shame because the hat on there puts my efforts firmly in place) I have just found this- which is better as it gives proper step by step instructions, and the shape looks easier to do than the Wild Ginger one. I struggled to figure out how to use it (I couldn't always alter the dimensions I needed to) and then learned I needed to save it BEFORE printing, otherwise it prints out default size. It also uses quite a large amount of paper to print out a small pattern, but I digress.

This is my first attempt, thankfully it was meant to fit Little One, so its only a bit too small. I had a wobble once I printed out the pattern and reduced it a little more, but that was a mistake. The paper pattern looked huge in my inexperienced eyes, compared to Little Ones head! As you can see, my model's patience for photos had gone and she was far too busy too keep still.
This week we've kept up the handmade bread, and after reading a blog about breadmaking, I've bought a book called  The Handmade Loaf which already looks fabulous. I really enjoy sourdough bread, but never attempted it. I hope to have a go with the advice in the book.
The same parcel brought The Wooden Bowl,  The Woodland House and The Woodland Year. I only went looking for a present for the husband (none of the above, I hasten to add!) and as I've been looking at these for months....I just couldn't help myself.

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