Wednesday 21 July 2010

pics of makings!

The last post was enough words for a while:
Camping with solar powered lighting. Our campfire is in our budget BBQ bucket.

Biggest girl LOVED having her face (butterfly) and arms painted- I think the bumble bee was my favourite.
Little One loved the idea of it but didn't like the paint on her skin- she's a bunny rabbit in case its not obvious!

We had a week away with family from near and far, but I still managed to make a skirt for me- the first sewing thing I've done for me.

Home made strawberry and blackcurrant jam- all from our allotment. I've done a few batches now.

Little Miss scrubbing potatoes (her own idea!) after digging them up out of a pot in the yard. I only hope she'll continue to have such helpful demands!

Last but not least, our main project for the last 4 months: our house. Up for sale at last:

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