Sunday 13 June 2010

starting out

I decided to start a blog because the last couple of months have involved me learning to make 'Things'!
It all started out with a bowl carving course, where I carved my first two bowls.

Since then I've worked with Raph ( who I met on the course) to learn to make a 'Bowlmate' carving horse,

and I'm still working on my first cup and bowl carved at home.

Prompted by enjoying making 'something' so much, I've signed up for a sewing machine course. It took me three classes to make this bag (well, one of those was learning how to set up a machine), and then one short evening to make one without help.

I've moved up a gear with attempting a dress for K, for which Wendy gave up her Saturday to teach me step by step.

I've also spent an evening having a go at making a fleece nappy wrap for J.

I have some fabulously snuggly fleece I planned to do this with, but as its sooo snuggly I'm going to have to learn to make a cushion cover so we can all snuggle it as well.
I'm hoping to keep doing and making, and hopefully figure out how to get the photos on here so I can see my progress. I'm having so much fun doing this, but also realising I don't often get to actually show anyone what I've been up to, so hopefully I can share this way.

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  1. Ahhh, so that's what you've been up to!! I LOVE the dress(es have read both blog entries :o)!! They've turned out beautifully! The carseat cushions also looking fab! Am now wishing even more that I could go within 100yards of a sewing machine without triggering it to self-combust mode lol! (Mum's very kindly put hers to one side for me to learn on eventually)
    Will have to figure out how to become a fan now so I get to know when you've updated :)