Sunday 14 September 2014

Best Day Ever

Well, according to Princess.
It started badly for her, with some sneaky nuts and the corresponding illness that goes with her having antihistamines. So, a bit of vomit and a few hours on the sofa watching ' A 4x4 is Born' DVD ( her choice, honest!) and she was on the mend.
Whilst she was in need of a lie down and company, I had the need to rearrange the furniture. DH just sighs and keeps out of the way, so my day involved a fair amount of emptying and filling bookcases.

Yesterday evening we went to Bideford Carnival. There were floats, but the best bit for the children (and me) was the pipe and marching bands. We couldn't quite last to the end of the music, but it was amazing to hear approx 200 pipers and drummers heading back across the bridge in the dark, just as we were heading home. The marching band from Barnstaple was a revelation to us all and Princess and Flower now have a favourite type of band .

DH and a neighbour finished off a coat of undercoat on the woodwork, which meant all the kids found their comfortable height up the ladder, some being higher than others.

And even small people were keeping busy while there were people on the roof.

Princess said it was a day of firsts, with climbing on the roof, seeing the bands, and she also received a parcel of returned bits she had left with  friend- so she decided to write a reply immediately and got on with it, refusing any outside interference ( aka help). She got it posted whilst waiting for the parade, all by herself. She has some regular postal correspondence, but  isn't usually inclined to reply. I guess the novelty worked for her today.

Princess says the other memorable day in her life was the last time her birthday coincided with her Aunty's Bonfire Party, so this was a pretty special day.
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