Saturday 21 December 2013

Christmas starting

Mince pies!
I normally take some to work, we are sharing with friends tomorrow and, despite the flour and sugar involved, we might have a couple as well.
Having one gluten free child and grandma means we will experiment with pastry, but the nicest gf pastry has nuts in, which rules out another child. Plus, Flower has been absolutely thriving on sugar/sweetener free, grain free- basically meat and veg and homemade soups, casseroles and stirfrys.
Being away this last week was tough, and it was very noticable that we weren't sticking to the diet. Flower gets really emotional and struggles with transitions, noise, tiredness, you name it. We started off doing the GAPS intro diet, but we are definately more GAPS inspired than actually strictly sticking to it.

I'm not quite ready to share our plans for the future out here. We have a definate idea of moving, and where exactly we want to be ( lovely neighbours and a house and garden so utterly exceeding my wish list I think I must be dreaming) but I'm waiting to hear about the work side of things. None of it can happen without the job, and the waiting to hear will be a long slow process, especially with Christmas and New I'm trying very hard to put it out of my head. While also wondering about getting moving quotes.Sigh.

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