Sunday 29 September 2013


We went to yarndale yesterday. Luckily we missed the parking and queueing issues by being there early, but it was incredibly busy inside.
I had a great time doing a dying wool workshop, everyone else went to the park - Flower doesn't like crowds or woollyness (yet!) So was particularly unhappy.
Princess had a great time, she looked around with Grandma, and daddy got a few minutes to look around without children.
Phone blogging wasn't working, so here's hoping it works by email. The photos are just a few things that caught my eye- it was too busy for me to think and take it all in!
I even got to stand next to Lucy from Attic24! It was at the start of the day, and Flower was a bit upset so it wasn't the moment to say hi ( and I was a bit star struck).
I am utterly in awe that a small group of volunteers set up something that was so absolutely heaving- the issues were purely that so many people turned up ( if only a 1000 less cars and buses hadn't been there, it'd been lovely!). I'd no appreciation how mainstream crochet, knitting, spinning and dying is- I do now!
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