Thursday 4 July 2013


Its gone by in a bit of a blur really. We've been WWOOFing, been basket making, taken turns having a stomach bug thats taken ages to get rid of,discovered nits (managed to get through life without them fine until now!), foraging walk, gardening and I've gone back to work.

helping clean up, honest. well, eating the sponge is helping, isn't it?

foot dipping (not quite paddling) in Hebden Bridge

a nice bit of motorway services 

the ducklings were not safe

the chicks were protected from babies and predators

we had a great basketry teacher- this is what we all made

clean is a waste of time

poorly day on the farm.

how WWOOFing can work with baby- scything!
SOme photos from the girls' camera :

And the journey home was awful- with dodgy tummies we needed lots of toilet stops.
 Rainbow enjoyed the stops though.

We did a foraging walk with Chris in Marsden

Had a chat with some policemen and their horses (what a van!)

And waved lots each time we passed each other, which happened a couple of times
We've been to various parks
Sutton I think!

The yellow park, watching his sisters

He had been stretching back just before, very laid back

Fish pie flicks well

Poor Kev! 
I was having a rather grumpy time after finishing up the shopping with all three kids. I really was ready for a sit down and a drink, but I wasn't allowed in the house. I was soooo fed up, wanting to get the shopping put away, freezer stuff in the freezer, and just Had Enough. Then Flower let slip my barring involved Cake. Suddenly all became bearable, and a few minutes later my sit down involved a lovely cake mixed, baked and washed up after by the girls- the shopping included the jam for the middle. It was a very good cake!

The boy loves being outside in the dirt. He grubs about in it, and eats it.Ants aren't a favourite, and the ones in the allotment hurt. Of course, we seem to grow thousands of ants.

Doesn't the shed look lovely behind all the yummy berries-to-be?

aqualegia in the strawberry patch

Borage starting to flower

This tunnel has had so much use over the last 7 years, and still fun!

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