Thursday 17 January 2013

Happy New Year

Belated  Seasons Greetings from us. Life is lovely and busy and very, very full these days. We're definitely busy living it and not recording it! This is nearly 2 months worth of photos. I don't know if we hid the camera for a while, but I was surprised to see we've had a couple of weeks without taking a single picture. Wow. I didn't know it was possible with photo-happy Flower in the house! 
Rainbow in the 'disguise' Princess was given in some homemade crackers friends made.

We are very lucky to count Purple Pixie Crochet (her blog) in our friends- Princess has this beautiful snug hat made for her birthday by her- Thank you! She does enjoy slinging her brother- I'm not convinced he always enjoys it to the same degree....

We've had a flying visit from friends who are normally at the end of the country. I'm very glad they have managed to visit us (we didn't manage to get away down to visit when we hoped last year, but hopefully we'll do better this year).

Who's the boss? I'm really not sure!

Christmas Day with family was lovely.

They are all growing up quick.

A Frugi Christmas present Princess is very happy with. She has another hedgehog top from them that is a few years old. Its still a favourite but definitely too small. I don't think Flower is allowed the old one yet...

Sometimes babywearers move in packs. We celebrated the new year with a walk and meal with friends. A rare photo including me- Rainbow is on my front.

Rainbow is growing up and getting interested. The last few weeks have seen him discovering toys and sitting up a little on his own. He still does a fab face plant though!

I've been back at the sewing machine. I've got a sewing class coming up, so I had a practice at a quick top for Princess. You remember the hedgehog top above? Well, I tried to remember how to take a pattern from an existing item (we did this in my class a few years ago) and had some fabric left from nappy cover making back when Flower was in them. Its a lovely soft stretchy fleece. I've not tried sewing a stretchy knit before, so it has been- um,  interesting, but she's happy with it.

Its a nice simple shape and I'm looking forward to getting some tips on improving next time.

 I've also started some trousers for Flower, using fabric from a couple of extra-large charity shop cotton shirts. I need some help with the construction, so hopefully in class I'll get them finished.
Ah yes, the class. This'll be the first time I leave Rainbow for more than a quick errand. It should be fine, but I am a little anxious, seeing as I've not managed to express and he's never tried a cup or anything- he'll have to wait for me. DH and everyone will be quite nearby just in case, but he can go  few hours. Sometimes.

I've not stopped knitting- I've been adventurous and started adult toe-up fleegle heel socks. This is definitely a huge project. It'll be a very long time before i have a pair.

The girls have been helping bake bread, making pictures, bits of sewing, looking at craft kits from Christmas, been interested in a bit of science (today its been solutions and crystal growing). Princess was given a kit to make raw chocolate, so we we've been experimenting with that and tasting the difference between cacao and cocoa- what's an 'a' or an 'o' between friends! We have pets, much to the girls delight. Two fish were being made homeless (complete with tank and food!) so we didn't mind taking them in. Handy to get the girls used to creatures dying, if nothing else.
 When the snow arrived a snow woman was made, Princess has been better at mental arithmetic than me (admittedly that isn't hard), and sneaky reading has been happening. natural history/wildlife  has just finished, and many talks about death, mortality and illness after a very local serious car crash- every trip in a vehicle means driving through the crash site, so those tricky home ed 'intensive conversations whilst driving' (the majority of indepth home ed discussions seem to happen while driving, its a known fact and not just us!) have been death oriented all week.
And finally, tidying has also been a major feature this week, but of course it has to stop when there is tickling to be done:)