Wednesday 5 December 2012

Going around the bend

in a sock. I'm very much a rubbish knitter ( had to look up how to do a knit stitch last night, after doing a bit of purling) but i'm nearly finished my first sock. The previous attempt turned into a rather nice purse ( I thought it was a bag but my 7 yr old has put me right). I've spent much of my 'unable to move' time looking at youtube trying to figure out how to turn a heel on my made up pattern sock. I started with a pattern- I'm not that brave- but although I laughed at the 'Two hour' bit of the 'Two hour Toe up baby socks', I thought I'd sussed the guage until I started knitting a doll size sock. It would never have fit Rainbow!
Anyway, I restarted (a few times) learned Judy's magic Cast-on - repetition does help me learn. I got along to the heel and realise I was stumped.I've read a few other patterns, but the heel was just completely confusing. Then I googled Fleegle's heel and all became clear. Last night I didn't dare stop half way though, and I've got around the bend. I'm no sock expert, but it looks better than I hoped!

And something that we did yesterday morning...
Christmas Tree decorations made from buttons, and fimo beads we made aaaaages ago :)
The peppermint sugar mice  (also yesterday) are fab too, but I can't seem to get the pic I sent to facebook for some reason.
I've had some time on my bowl the other day as well- what a crafty time! No idea how its happened but I'm enjoying it while I can. Rainbow calls....

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