Saturday 20 October 2012

West Yorkshire Spoon Club

This was the second meet, and I got to carve! So, I didn't get the camera out till nearly packing up time.... First up my spatula- the first I've tried in a year or so, I think.
John kindly got it OK'd for us to use woodland near Wakefield, and was a speedy carver too.

He'd been ill, working nights and still managed to get these two carved before having to head off to get sorted for work tonight.
A couple of works in progress got snapped:

The midges came out in force and hurried us on our way quite soon after.
And one tired baby, getting ready for bed with his Spoonfest T-shirt getting a little smaller on him these days.


  1. Spatula and spoons looking nice and good to see groups coming together to carve like this. Even more impressive with a family in tow!

  2. Hi. This looks great! You doing anymore round w yorks? If so let me know. Cheers.

  3. Karl, look on facebook for West Yorkshire Spoon Club- we plan the meets there. The next one hasn't been firmed up as I'm after an inside venue if possible.