Tuesday 6 September 2011

Woodland Opportunity in Kent

Anyone want to work some overstood chestnut in Kent?
We've been sad to hear the couple who were living in the wood,starting to work it this summer are being pulled in different directions.
The wood has mains water installed this year, and there's a caravan, tree bog and several shelters, probably a shower - we haven't been there for a few month so don't know how far the plans got before things changed.
We WWOOFed there earlier in the year, and the owners would ideally like a couple to be there for a longer term. If we lived locally we'd definitely be up to going to help on a daily basis, but unfortunately we can't.
Its beautiful. There's a small area of conifers that need felling first, but its mostly chestnut IIRC. The access road in the wood is a bit of a challenge, but you can also walk in from a main road nearby.
Get in touch if you're interested, and I'll pass your details onto the owner.


  1. wow..wish I had read about this earlier. What an amazing opportunity and local to us too which would have been perfect. Just found your site recently and am reading from the beginning as it something we also have plans to do as a family in the future :-)

  2. I haven't been in touch with them for ages, but if you might be interested now I could ask ?