Sunday 21 November 2010

Christmas is starting!

So last week it was the tree, this week its gifts. Robin over at the HCA posed a question on facebook, which prompted me to finally decide what we might be giving, and put together a photo :
a bought basket ( next year I hope at least one of us can learn to make a basic basket) my horse-chestnut bowl, a few jars of preserves and possibly a spatula, spoon-tula or maybe even a spoon. Our first Christmas gifts are finally wrapped! I've only got as far as carving my own spatula though, DH learned the rest and when we get chance he's sharing his learning.
He's only one more week until he 'retires' and becomes fully devoted to home life and home educating.
He managed to fit in some baking this week- all I did was eat the results! Fabulous cheese scones, but he wants to improve on them. I'll look forward to another batch, these were definately good enough for me.

Last week there was a very important birthday. I won't share the resulting mess, despite asking for no 'Things' we'd have to consider packing. It could have been much worse, but I feel children just don't Need Things- hugs and time with family and friends are more important right now.
A very talented friend made and decorated a wonderful cake as gift- the cake didn't last long but the figures were worth an extra photo, even once the cake had gone.

I was rushing to finish this, and nearly forgot the Elderberry liqueur! Its been regularly agitated- I'm sure I've found new muscles for hefting that huge jar from the top shelf- but apparently its now ready for bottling. I have a suspicion its meant to be left now until next year, but we'll be giving it away this Christmas and then its up to the recipients. I tried a small sample now, and its alright, certainly more drinkable than the tincture, though I don't enjoy alcohol particularly so I'm not the best judge of these things.


  1. What lovely gift ideas. I fill hampers with homemade goodies for gifts too but never would I be able to create the spoon to sample those goodies!

  2. You know, I hadn't thought of trying to do a 'jar' spoon- you know, just the right length to get to the bottom without getting fingers too sticky- I think I've got something to aim for with that, thank you. And, honestly, if I can learn carving really anyone can do it. Have a go! There's lots on utube about it.