Monday 25 October 2010

Hot Lemon and Honey

WARNING (not a making/doing/interesting post- read on at your own risk)!
OK more a 'tea and sympathy' post...
The girls have spent the last week suffering with colds,culminating in a Saturday Night of Vomiting (Little One makes too much snot....)- of course when we were away from home. Though I am grateful for not having to wash and dry two changes of bedclothes and a load of towels- thanks Mum!
A couple of nights earlier Little One did a god job of coughing in my face most of the night, so I think she's very kindly shared her germs which has started with me over the weekend.
DH will tell anyone how pathetic I am when under the weather, and I don't think this week will be any exception.
With Little One still feeding, anything stronger than paracetamol is off the menu, so we've another load of lemons in (ah, dreaming of the greenhouse that one day will let us grow our own lemon tree!) and although I dislike honey, I reckon it does something to help in hot lemon and honey. Warm drinks are, well, just nice (I don't usually drink coffee except in extremis, and urgghhh to tea) sometimes.
I was taking echinacea, but with Little One's vomiting (someone on a forum once mentioned echinacea and feeding didn't go well) I stopped until I could remember to check kellymom (ok, that was only just now, but at least I remembered!), so I'll get back onto that.
Hmm, looking there, fenugreek tea is meant to be helpful, so I'm off to try that as well.
Oh, why am I posting at this unreasonable time in the morning? ( its 5.30 am here). Well, with the 'Night of Vom' I got little sleep, and Little One STILL insisted the day started at 6.20 am. That doesn't agree with me at all, so was in bed nice and early last night, but woke up at 3 am today instead.Sigh. And work today too.
No photos, but I did get the Apple Butter from last week in jars, and even given a few jars of various jam/jelly/butter to the local coffee shop to sample.

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